A CVA ticket may have up to 4 consecutive ticket numbers and 4 flight coupons per number (a maximum of 16 flight coupons).

The E-Ticket must contain the following: Passenger name, airline indicator, flight numbers, date, time of departure and O&D of each flight, fare base, taxes, fare construction, a form of payment, issuance date, issuing agency, ticket number, and added endorsements regarding the passenger information and fare rules.

Insertion of ticket number in the booking is mandatory. In case this procedure is not done correctly the booking may be canceled, without the possibility of reinstating on the same fare basis.

CVA does not allow issuance of tickets (696) 100% interline (without any CVA flight). An ADM of EUR100.00 / USD100.00 will be sent for each ticket issued in these conditions.

In case the interline fare has plate restrictions, an ADM of the difference to the first CVA or IATA applicable fare will be charged, with a minimum amount of EUR100.00/USD100.00