Special Requests or Special Services are those which are associated with a passenger, and/or reservation and can be divided into two categories depending on the request channel to adopt:

  • Requested to the GDS: PETC; AVIH; SPEQ; XBAG; UMNR; Seats; INFT;
  • Requested to CVA: EXST; STCR; OXYG; CBBG; SVAN; ESHO; MEDA; ESAN; Wheelchairs; BLND; DEAF; Special Meals;

Each of these requests has a specific procedure, which can be found in the various CVA means of communication with the agent and must be scrupulously fulfilled. At least 48 hours before departure the agent should check whether there has been any change in the Status of the service since it can be canceled for various reasons, even when previously confirmed.

The passenger documentation should also be inserted as SSR. The latter is required before issuing the ticket.