Cabo Verde Airlines is concerned with the health and welfare of pregnant women and their babies, so when traveling they are subject to certain conditions.

Up to 32 weeks

If you are up to 32 weeks into your pregnancy, it is not necessary to provide a medical report in order to travel. You may, however, be required to provide your pregnancy card to prove the gestation period

Between 32 and 36 weeks (inclusive)

Pregnant women should ask their obstetrician for a medical certificate stating that she is able to travel by air, the estimated delivery due date and specify the point of departure and destination, as well as the date of departure and arrival. Pregnant women will have to sign a Disclaimer at the time of check-in.

Beyond 36 weeks of pregnancy and risk pregnancies

Cabo Verde Airlines does not accept women who are beyond 36 weeks into the pregnancy, except for medical reasons and, in this case, she should be accompanied by her obstetrician.

It is mandatory that your attending physician fill out the MEDIF (download here) medical information form and the passenger sign the disclaimer.


  • The gestation period is taken into account in regard to the departure date and not the date of booking or of purchasing of the ticket
  • Cabo Verde Airlines does not recommend women to travel within 7 (seven) days prior to the expected due date or 7 (seven) days after giving birth
  • Newborn babies can only travel one week after birth.
  • The medical certificate must be issued within 7 (seven) days before the flight.