Only non-restrictive CVA tariffs are subject to revalidation, that is, when the fare rule has the following text:


However, the revalidation of these tickets will only be permitted for flights operated by CVA (VR flights).

If there are revalidations of restrictive tariffs they will be penalized with ADM!

Tickets involving flights operated by other airlines, even if with VR flight number (i.e. codeshare flights), regardless of the fares applied, must be reissued.

Revalidation by the authorized travel agent in the event of operational irregularity.

The revalidation of CVA tickets by travel agencies is authorized in case of unintentional schedule changes (segment status in “TK”) and cancellation (segment status in “UN”) of flights operated by CVA.

In case of time change (TK status) provided, the passenger can keep the initial flight.

In case of cancellation (status “UN”) of a CVA flight (CVA flight number) provided, the proposed alternative is accepted.

In all cases where the alternative is not accepted by the passenger or the connection (MCT) is compromised, please contact the Agency’s Customer Service.

The free change of the reservation must be made within 10 days after the time (UN/TK sent to the PNR).