The agent may change the booking and reissue the ticket according to the rules described above, with prior authorization from the CVA.

It is mandatory to indicate the reason for the reissue on the FE field: example: SCHED CHNG XXX VR/DDMM. If this element is not introduced or if flight/reason is incorrect, an ADM will be automatically created.

Where there is a date/flight change on an already issued ticket, chapter 16 (in Galileo) or Penalties PE (in Amadeus), the fare note applied to the ticket must be verified.

Important note on Chapter 16 PENALTIES – CHANGES: the penalty for changing the date may differ if the reissue is made before or after the original date of travel.

Change penalty charges are charged as a fee with the DU code.

This fee is NEVER refundable.

If a passenger requests a voluntary change, the fare to be applied for the new trip will be based on the fares applicable to the start date of the trip and the ROE applicable to the day of the original issue.