• Direct refunds authorized only in ARC.
  • Refunds on BSP Markets should be submitted through BSPLink Refund Application;
  • Non-BSP Markets (Cabo Verde) refunds request must be processed through GDS (Amadeus, Travelport) system directly by the agent.

Refund special authorisation:

If according to fare regulation a waiver authorization is required, the Agency can request a waiver code by email via Customer Service or Sales Support.

For Cabo Verde the agents can request a waiver code via Cabo Verde Connect.

Please note that request must have all supporting documentation as requested at the regulation.


Refunds without penalty:

Death of a passenger or direct family member (add death certificate/ proof of identification of the family member);

  • Ticket 696 – CVA or other Airline – cancellations and/or delays duly proved.
  • Delay of less than 5 hours – Refund according to the fare rules.
  • Cancellation and/or delay in which the alternative given by the company originates an arrival with a delay of more than 5 hours – Refund without penalty.
  • In the event of cancellation of another airline’s flight or VR marketing flight, you should first contact CVA for authorization.
  • Delay that makes it impossible to connect flights and/or force the overnight – Refund without penalty. You should first contact the CVA for authorization.
  • For cases of UN or TK by flight renumbering, fare rules apply.

If the cancellation or delay refers to a flight operated by another Airline and after obtaining authorization for a direct refund, it is mandatory to send to CVA the copy of the Refund Application, ticket, and copy of the change in the reservation, in the month of processing the refund, by email to the Customer Service.

If there is an associated EMD, it must also be reissued (NO ADC).