The capital of Angola promises you a unique experience. Everyone who has visited Luanda wants to return… and some never want to leave again. What will you be most passionate about? The warm climate, the paradise-like beaches, the friendly and relaxed people or the unexplored natural landscapes? Discover Luanda!

Luanda Island

The Luanda Island, also known as Cape Island, is one of those idyllic places, sought after by tourists but also by locals for rest and leisure. It is a shoreline that separates the city of Luanda from the Atlantic Ocean and here you will find the best offer of bars and restaurants by the sea, as well as the street markets.

The typical dishes are Muzongué and Mufete, both made with fresh fish, but the visitor also has the opportunity to taste and buy fish and seafood, just caught by the Muxiluanda, the inhabitants of the island whose main activity is fishing.


Southwest of the centre of the Angolan capital, right in front of the Belas municipality, we find an island… that is actually a peninsula. Mussulo is one of Luanda’s biggest attractions: beaches, calm waters, and many pleasant places to spend an unforgettable holiday. Here in this stretch of sand and coconut trees that serves as a natural barrier between Luanda and the Atlantic Ocean you can spend entire days on the northwest coast walking on a large, quiet white sand beach and swimming in warm waters.

On the other side of the Mussulo, you have a view of Luanda and the landscape is more urban. Here you can sleep under a coconut tree in a pleasant resort, relax in a terrace, go on a boat ride or enjoy water sports. When arriving at Mussulo by boat, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sea and admire the “island’s” biodiversity – who knows, you might cross paths with the flamingos that live on the sand flats!

The history of Luanda

For the tourist, Luanda is one of the most complete cities. Besides beaches and parties, Luanda is also History and Nature.

Visit the Palácio de Ferro (Iron Palace), the National Museum of Slavery and the São Miguel Fortress. Walk through the open air marketplaces, buy some popular handicrafts and take some souvenirs of Angolan culture with you.

Naturally, those that visit Luanda will be amazed by its wild life and flora. Join safaris, explore this region and meet lions, zebras, buffalos or elephants. Do you prefer the ocean? You can go whale- and dolphin-watching, enjoy scuba diving or try your hand at sports fishing.