The tropical climate, the long beaches, the magnificent landscape, exciting rhythms, colour and delicious flavours make Fortaleza an unforgettable destination.

What to see in Fortaleza

There is so much to see in the suburbs of Fortaleza that many visitors end up not enjoying all the charming, tourist attractions that the city offers. Here are some suggestions:


The main attractions are Fortaleza’s beaches. The most popular beach is Praia do Futuro with its excellent infrastructures, music live shows and innumerous beach stands offering almost everything, from tasty meals to massage sessions.

There are several other beaches nearby, and it is a must to visit Canoa Quebrada, Jericoacoara, Cumbuco, Morro Branco, Lagoinha, and Cumbuco among others

This is a typical Ceara cultural fair where you can find a great variety of handicrafts: sleeping nets, embroidery work, paintings, ceramics and souvenirs. It is open every day from 5 pm at the Beira-Mar Avenue in front of the Nautical Club.

Beach Park

Located at 22km from Fortaleza, in Porto Dunas, Beach Park is a complex involving entertainment, leisure and tourist areas: Aqua Park, considered the largest aquatic park in Latin America, two resorts and Park Praia beach with many restaurants, bars and leisure and sports activities.

Very close you can see Tapioqueiras Point inviting to try Ceara tapioca.

Thursday is crab day: of course you can eat crab on other days in Fortaleza but it is on Thursday that this crustacean may be tried at all beach stands.

Pirate Bar

Pirate Bar is a traditional show place at Iracema Beach and Monday is the official Forró day since 1986. For this reason, Fortaleza is known as the Capital of Joy having the craziest Monday in the world. Pirate Bar includes eclecticism and irreverence, Brazilian festivities and Ceara’s cultural identity.

Its fame spread around Brazil and the world, and even was in the news in the New York Times. That is why people say that to come to Ceara and not go to the Pirate Bar is like going to Rome and not see the Colosseum. The party only ends when the last “survivor” leaves the saloon.

Mucuripe Fish Market: This is where you can buy fresh fish and seafood all day long. The visitor can buy and take them to the nearest stands to be prepared for only two dollars. In other words, the visitor may choose to eat shrimps and have them prepared right there while he enjoys some beer and waits to taste them.

At the centre, visit the José Alencar Theatre, a Fortaleza cultural reference, including a library and an art gallery.

The Sea Dragon Cultural Centre is a leisure place dedicated to art and culture. It has one cinema, the Contemporaneous Art Museum, the Ceara Cultural Memorial, an amphitheatre, auditorium, planetarium, open air show place, etc. There are also bars and restaurants in the traditional restored houses of the historic heritage