Cosmopolitan tranquility makes Boston one of the most fascinating cities in the USA!

Founded by the English in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest American cities. Historic, modern, classic, fascinating, are just a few qualities that visitors can bear in mind when visiting Boston, the capital and the most populous city in the US state of Massachusetts, located in the northeastern of the United States. Because of its culture and importance to the founding of the USA, walking in Boston is like attending a history class. It was there that great names of American politics were born: namely, Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy and the activist Malcolm X.

Places to Visit

With a fantastic collection of museums, historic buildings and outdoor spaces, Boston is simply an ideal city for those who like to explore attractions while walking around. Freedom Trail – Boston has played an important role in the process of US revolution and independence, so its legacy of historic buildings, tied directly to that now-well-preserved historic moment, has gained a trail of its own, Freedom Trail.

The itinerary that begins in Boston Common, the oldest park in the country, leads to Bunker Hill Monument, where a major battle took place between the English forces and the American revolutionaries. Other emblematic points that were part of the Revolution, such as Faneuill Hall, a remarkable market with a little more than 250 years of existence, the Casa de Paul Revere, the Old North Church, among others, can be seen.

The Quincy Market, located at the back side of Faneuil Hall, is a kind of gastronomic exhibition corridor, where tourists can taste typical dishes such as clam chowder, Shepard’s pie and, for dessert, the famous Boston cream pie (sweet vanilla and chocolate cream pie).

New England Aquarium, a giant aquarium that occupies four floors, gathers marine animals from all over the world. In the main pool, sharks, turtles, stingrays and other smaller fish swim quietly, oblivious to the curious tourists. On the ground floor are the penguins and aquariums with piranhas from the Amazon River.

Cambridge – Technology and researches combined, convey fame to the city. Cambridge is home to Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).