The name and last surname of each passenger must be inserted at the beginning of the PNR, as well as the gender (MR, MRS, MSTR, MISS).

In a situation where the passenger has only a surname (according to identification documents), the surname must also be inserted as follows: Surname/MR


A change of name refers to the change of a passenger to another passenger on the booking; this is not allowed by CVA. In these situations, the original PNR must be canceled and a new PNR must be created with the new name and with the available fare. The original ticket must be refunded according to the fare/market rules.


Name corrections are permitted on PNRS made exclusively on VR flights.PNRSthat include other airline flights or VR marketing flights are not eligible for name correction. Name corrections are only permitted in the cases mentioned below:

  1. Up to 3 letters is free of charge;
  2. Incomplete surname, Example: Pires/JoanaMrs=> MonteiroPires/JoanaMrs
  3. First name and surname swap, Example: Jose/Santos => Santos/Jose Mr
  4. Change of surname due to marriage or divorce – pax should present a document with a new name
  5. Nickname instead of first name Example: Silva/GuidaMrs => Silva/Margarida Mrs
  6. Title error Example: Santos/JoseMrs => Santos/JoseMr
  7. Surname swap Example: PiresMonteiro/JoanaMrs => MonteiroPires/JoanaMrs
  8. Incomplete name Example: Santos/AntoniaMrs => Santos/MariaAntonia Mrs
  9. First name or surname misspell (letter swap, letter missing, extra letter) – correction permitted without penalty
  10. Infant name change permitted without penalty
  11. One letter correction on the title (eg: Mr to Mrs and vice versa) permitted without penalty

These restrictions may vary in case of group bookings, please refer to our Group Department.

Name correction is allowed up to 03 letters, without additional costs. In any other name correction, the original ticket must be reissued with a penalty of EUR100.00 / USD 100.00 charged as DU tax and the following information must be inserted in the ticket endorsements box: Reissue due corr name.

Shall there be any change of date, flight, or RBD upon the issuance of a ticket due to name correction, the corresponding penalty fee for voluntary rebooking as well as any fare difference must be charged along with the name correction fee. If these additional amounts are not charged upon re-issuance, an ADM will be sent.


If the PNR is waitlisted after the name correction, the agent shall:

wait for the confirmation of the PNR in the same rbd


change the PNR to the available rbd, charge the fare difference plus the penalty if applied according to fare rules.