The passenger must have particular attention to the items considered dangerous that can not be carried as baggage.

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Corrosive material (ex.: mercury, acids and liquid batteries) Magnetized (compasses) and radioactive material, and dangerous mix cargo Oxidizing substances (ex.: battery liquid, inappropriately packed frozen fish)
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Inflammable solids such as matches, easily inflammable items and substances, substances that issue inflammable gas when in contact with water (ex: lime) Luggage with alarm devices or containing incorporated lithium batteries and/or pyrotechnic material Items likely to endanger the aircraft, people or goods onboard
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Inflammable liquid such as lighter fuels, paint and dissolvent, namely acetone Gases (inflammable, non-flammable, highly refrigerated and poisonous) and aerosol Explosives, munitions, fireworks, flares and incandescent material
Infectious (virus) and poisonous (toxic) substances