Luggage free of charge and carried in the hold. Each passenger adult is entitled to the following:

¹Passenger starting in Brazil are entitled to 01 bag up to 10 kgs.
²Exception rules Dakar route: Dakar/CV 02pc/23kg each for all Fare Family.


Inter-island flights – 01 vol. up to 20 kg.



Passenger infants are entitled to 1 checked piece where the wheight doesn´t exceed 10kg/22llbs and the dimension not exceed 115cm/45inches (55 lenght x 35 width x 25 height).


When checking in your luggage, you will be issued a luggage identification tag, which you should keep until the end of your flight, after recovering your luggage.

CVA reserves the right to refuse any luggage or cargo that endangers the safety of the flight or that given its size, weight or nature is not suitable for transportation in the aircraft. Passengers should always inform the check-in agent of the contents of their luggage.