1.       Fictitious, speculative and test bookings

These are reservations created using names and/or fictional/speculative segments, with no intention to travel and/or that were not requested by the passenger for the purpose of issuing a ticket. In addition, bookings that are created for testing or training.


The training mode on each GDS must be used when it is required for this purpose.

Those situations will be charged as follows:

  • Active PNR with Void TKT EUR50.00/USD50.00.
  • Training PNR’s EUR10.00/USD10.00 per segment.

It is strictly prohibited to create segments and/or PNRs for:

  • Keeping or blocking places for future sale expectation
  • Circumvent fare rules
  • Get confirmation from other segments
  • Book and/or sell airspace not requested by the passenger, example: flights added to the PNR to remove



2.       Booking an incorrect RBD or Sub-class


All bookings must be made on the correct class in accordance with the paid fare. In the vast majority of cases the first letter in the name of fare is the RBD in which it must be reserved.


When used an incorrect RBD or subclass and if the ticket is issued, CVA will issue an ADM with the difference to the booked class.



3.       Churning


All reservations made by agents must be issued or cancelled when required, or until 24 hours before departure.


Cancellations with rebooking of a segment in the same or another class in the same booking or on various PNR and/or GDS to circumvent or prolong the ticketing deadline is not allowed by CVA.


This type of procedure is monitored by CVA. If this situation exceeds or equals 3 transactions (book- cancel-book-cancel-book-cancel-book-cancel), the result is the issuance of an ADM of EUR5.00 / USD5.00 per passenger per segment per equal or exceeding transaction.


Transferring a PNR between agents (Claim PNR) is considered as a Cancellation (cancel) on the originator’s side and a new Booking (book) on the claimer’s side, these actions count for the Churning transitions.


In the same way, the action of splitting/dividing a booking are considered as a Cancellation (cancel) on the original PNR and a new Booking (book) on the new PNR, these actions count for the Churning transitions, if considered entirely unnecessary.


  1. Fictitious ticket


CVA does not allow the use of fictional ticket number or total/partially flown to maintain an active booking. Such procedure could result in sanctions and cancellation of the reservation.




5.       Inactive segments (Status Code: HX/NO/UC/UN/US)


It is important to reply to all status messages from the airline, such as HX, NO, UC, UN and US that can occur for various reasons (such as DUPE, no-show, WL Clearer, Schedule Change,…), hence all segments with Status Code HX/NO/UC/UN/US must be removed up to 24 hours before departure time of the flight, using the cancellation entry.


Check daily the “queues”, if this message occurs on a reservation the same is placed in the queue of Schedule Change and/or Special Services.


Failure to follow this procedure will result in the issuance of an ADM amounting to EUR5.00 / USD5.00 per passenger per segment.



6.       Married segments breach / O&D BYPASS


Married Segments may offer different booking availability classes than flights reserved separately. Married Segments must be issued, changed and cancelled together.


O&D Bypass is any manipulation to circumvent the O&D Logic and obtain a reservation in an RBD which is already closed for sale.


Travel agencies that break this set of segments to gain access to lower fares, which otherwise would be unavailable, will be penalized:


  • All PNR’s identified with “Married Segments Breach” or “O&D Bypass” will be cancelled, unless ticket is
  • For all identified situations (with or without a ticket issued) ADM‘s will be issued, per passenger and per segment breached:
  • Economy Class: 150EUR/150USD
  • Business Class: 250EUR/250USD


This procedure will be implemented from 1st January 2021. Waive of the ADM’s is not authorized.


  1. Duplicated booking (DUPES)


CVA does not allow duplication of bookings. Additionally, flights booked on one or more PNRs and/or GDSs, which of course are impossible to travel, are not allowed.


CVA has a system that detects and clears this kind of duplications by sending a message with code ‘HX’. This kind of inactive segments must be removed by the travel agency up to 24 hours before the flight.


If you receive a DUPE message, it is very important to contact CVA to settle this situation.


In case of dupe segments the penalty charged in ADM will be EUR15.00/USD15.00 per segment and in case of dupe PNR will be EUR15.00/USD15.00 per PNR.


8.       Passive segments


CVA only allows booking of this type of segments, to IATA agents or ARC, for ticket issuing purposes.


Passive segments cannot be used for other purposes, such as to satisfy productivity levels required by the agreement between the Agency and GDS and circumvent fare rules.


Once the tickets are issued, any passive segments should be removed up to 24 hours prior to departure. CVA recommends contacting the GDS’s Help Desk for information on Claim PNR.

CVA has the possibility to eliminate or limit the use of this type of segments per country or agent.


Non removal of these segments will be charges as EUR15.00/USD15.00 per segment.


9.       Waiting Lists (WL)


The booking of waiting lists is a common practice for travel agencies, allowing the passenger the possibility of a more advantageous fare. Although CVA possesses tools that may inhibit or reduce the possibility of booking WL segments and in order to reduce high costs to CVA that this procedure brings, we ask the agents if they can:


  1. Limit the number of segments in the waiting list to 1 per segment or


  1. Cancel and remove segments that are not needed or have not been confirmed up to 24 hours before the

Tickets issued on WL will be charges in EUR20.00/USD20.00 per segments.


  1. Untickteted No-Shows


A No-show occurs when a passenger is booked on a flight and does not board.


This situation happens also when a travel agent does not cancel a reservation that was not requested or when the passenger reported that he wouldn’t be able to travel. This leads to a discrepancy between the inventory available and the real inventory.


Segments without ticket issued, resulting in un-ticketed no-show, are subject to an ADM of EUR30.00/USD30.00 per passenger per segment.


11.   Post issuance booking compliance


When a PNR has ticketed segments and one of them is flown, all new segments added to the PNR must be ticketed according to the information on the fare notes, chapter advance purchase/ticketing.


If Ticket is not issued within this time limit, ADMs will be issued as follow:


  • 00 International segments in Economy
  • 00 International segments in Business


12.   “Hidden” Groups


CVA policy defines that 10 or more passengers travelling on the same flight round-trip, constitute a group, regardless of the fare purchased.


CVA informs GDS agents that, if many individual bookings are created to circumvent this situation, these may be cancelled.


The creation of groups pnr’s without a previous negotiation with the CVA will be charged with an ADM in 10 Eur per segment and per pax.