• How many days in advance can I buy my ticket on the Cabo Verde Airlines website?

    You can buy your ticket up to 04 hours before the time of your flight.

  • What methods of payment are accepted for online purchases?

    Only credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD) and debit cards Vinti4 (except BCA bank which plafond is up 20.000 cve) are accepted for online purchases.

  • What is your card security code?

    The Security Code, also known as the Banking Code, Card Verification Value (CVV) or Card Identification Number (CIN) is a code of 3 or 4 digits that exists to protect your credit card from possible fraud .

    Where can I find the security code on my credit card?

    For Visa, Mastercard and Vinti4 :

    You will find the security code on the front or back of your card. If the code is on the back of your card, it is indicated by the last 3 digits on the right.

    See examples below:

  • How do I get my ticket?

    Once the purchase is successfully completed, you will receive your electronic ticket through the e-mail you provided upon registration.

    If you didn´t receive the ticket, you may contact us for assistance at [email protected] or  +238 350 01 50.

  • Can I change my booking?

    Yes, it is possible through the website by selecting my flight from the menu and the option manage booking or also through the Cabo Verde Airlines sales office or your Travel Agency.

    The change is subject to payment of a penalty and/or fare difference, if applicable, and in according with the validity of the ticket.

  • Is my ticket refundable?

    Some tickets are refundable, depending on the fare purchased. Read the fare rules when purchasing your ticket or ask for information in any sales office. To claim your refund, you must contact any CVA counter.

    Some tickets are not refundable. The refund depends on the fare purchased. Check the fare rules at the purchase time. To request a refund, you must contact any Cape Verde Airlines sales office or your Travel Agency to check the rules of your fare.

  • How should I purchase additional luggage?

    You can purchase extra baggage through our website, your travel agency or by e-mail [email protected] or (tel: +238 350 01 50).

  • How can i cancel my trip in advance?

    All passengers can cancel their trip up to 4 hours before the flight.

    If your reservation is not canceled in time, it is subject to the payment of the No-show fee.

  • What is the No Show?

    No Show is the term used by airlines for passengers who do not show up for boarding.

    Cabo Verde Airlines has its own No-Show policies depending on the fare.

    Before purchasing your ticket, please consult our fare rules.