Quote, book, and issue

CVA Groups (cvagroups@caboverdeairlines.com) is the channel that allows you to ask a quotation for a Groups Bookings, with dynamic price offer, on flights operated by CVA, by all IATA and non-IATA agencies.

To request a Group Quotation, it is necessary the following information to the e-mail:

  • Group Name:
  • Passenger number:
  • Routing:
  • Travel dates:

One-way, Round trip or Multi-city, from 10 to up a maximum of 80 seats.

If you wish to add 9 more passengers into an existing group, a new request for a quotation must be made for the additional seats.

The quotation is valid for:

  • 15 days for flights up to more than 60 days at the time of the request.
  • 7 days for flights up to 60 days or less at the time of the request.


Group size: Cabo Verde Airlines requires a minimum of 10 passengers traveling together on the same flight. Deviations and upgrades are possible and based on availability.

Group rates: May be slightly higher than some of the published rates but offer much better flexibility in terms of payment and final ticketing. For groups sizes less than 10 people, we would recommend that you book individual tickets.

Children/Infant rates: Children from 2 to 11 years of age will receive a 25% discount off the adult base fare. An infant not occupying a seat (lap child) pays 10% of the adult fare plus taxes. If requesting a seat for an infant, the infant will pay the Child rate.

If space is available, you will receive a price quotation for the requested flights. You must do one of the following actions:

  • The price is kept for the period of according to the up-head conditions. If saved, CVA guarantees the price during this period, but does not guarantee the space.
  • “Accept Quote and Contract” – The quotation is accepted by e-mail and you must create a pending Group PNR in your GDS. After the confirmation of the acceptance of all conditions a paying the group deposit, CVA will confirm the PNR.
  • “Reject” – Rejects the offer and the group process is closed.

If no action is taken after obtaining a quotation, it will expire after the deadline mentioned in the quotation.

From now on, a contract is automatically associated with the quote accepted by the travel agent.


It may happen that in some periods or for some routes, during the quotation process, this is not automatically received, due to the need of prior analysis by our space management department.

In this process, we will ask you to indicate some preferences / flexibility of flights / dates, etc., as well as other aspects that may be of help in the analysis.


After all the data received, it may occur:

  • Rejection of the request.
  • Sending a quotation.
  • If the price is not accepted, you will need to request a new group for another dates / flights / route.


Other Features – Servicing:

  • Change Booking.
  • Reduce number of seats.
  • Cancel partially (split PNR) and totally.
  • Add, remove, and modify passenger’s names (adults, children, and babies).
  • Add, remove, and modify SSR DOCS and FQVT.
  • Make Down Payments.
  • Request Group Closure.

Group Contract

After the acceptance of the group quotation CVA will send you a contract with all the group conditions.



Name deadlines

  1. CVA Groups will cancel or automatically reduce groups which have exceeded the deadline to insert names as contracted on “Terms and Conditions”.
  2. CVA Groups will notify the travel agency 24 hours in advance regarding cancelations or space reduction. This warning will always have in consideration the weekends.

In case the Travel Agency has already requested the issuance of the tickets or is in process of making a payment, these cancelations will not be applied.


Closing of Group for issuance

IATA Agencies – closing for issuance must be requested and registered in the GDS.

NON-IATA Agencies – Tickets will be issued by CVA Groups. Two forms of payment are available: Deposit and Bank Transfer.



Groups are issued in the Fare Basis provided by CVA Groups and Tour code.


Ad hoc Groups issuance fees:

Non IATA agencies: (Tickets issued by CVA Groups Team) – USD30,00 /EUR25,00 for YR


Changes / Refunds

After Ticket Issued:

  • Name corrections are accepted at a penalty fee of USD50.00 / Eur30.00 which is to be charged as a DU tax.
  • Name corrections are allowed free of charge (maximum 3 characters). When reissuing the ticket, it is mandatory to insert in the endorsement box of the new ticket: Reissue due Corr Name.


Only unused taxes refund is allowed.


Group Desk Contact

  • Working hours:  from 09 AM to 05:30 PM (Monday to Friday)
  • Email: cvagroups@caboverdeairlines.com