When creating or changing one or more passengers booking (PNR), the itinerary must be booked in accordance with the Origin and Destination sequence (O&D) and time schedules.

The Minimum Connection Time must be always respected when booking an itinerary with CVA, a Code- Share, and/or other airlines.

CVA provides an availability level on Married Segments that may differ if sold separately, including the Minimum Connection Time which may also change.

Travel agencies should avoid creating bookings on the day of the flight without immediate issuance.

We recommend that each PNR corresponds to a single ticket per passenger, that is, on the same PNR there shouldn’t be more than one ticket per passenger (for example, two one-way tickets). This recommendation aims to avoid the situation where segments of the same PNR  and ticketed on different documents are canceled in case of a no-show on any of the segments, leading to flight reposition.