Before your flight, please check in online on our website. Download your boarding pass and make sure your smartphone battery is charged or print it out.

Please make sure that you have enough surgical masks and/or respirators.

Depending on the destination, you will be asked to present a negative Covid-19 PCR test or Antigen upon arrival to the country. Please make sure to check the required time of validity for each destination. To fly from Cape Verde, the test must be issued within less than 72 hours before your flight. Passengers that do not present the PCR test will be denied boarding or entry in the destination.

Please check your destination’s entry restrictions and requirements. If you have a connecting flight with another airline, please check their website for their safety requirements.

Please note that all additional measures taking place at airports can cause delay. You are advised to arrive at the airports at least 3 hours before your flight.

Complete the passenger health surveillance form, which is available on the Cabo Verde Airlines website: here


For your safety, we ask all customers to wear surgical masks or respirators at all times including boarding.

For your and our safety, hand sanitizers are available at the kiosks and check-in counters.

Your checked baggage will be handled following strict safety protocols.

Use our mobile app to check-in and get your boarding pass; it helps reduce contact throughout the terminal building and onto the aircraft.

The airport is regularly sanitized. All CVA staff at the airport use masks and other necessary personal protective equipment.


For your safety, we ask all customers to wear surgical masks or respirators at all times including boarding.

Please have your negative PCR test results ready to show to our crew in case needed. As a precaution, you may be asked a few health-related questions prior to boarding.

You are kindly asked to observe the 2-meter / 6-foot social distancing requirement during boarding. Once on board the plane, we ask that our customers take their seat as soon as possible, and remain seated during the entire flight, except when using the lavatories.

Passengers will be called to the check-in point in small groups. All boarding procedures will be performed with no-contact procedures.


After each flight, all contact surfaces on board, including tray tables, armrests, belt buckles, windows and shades, side panels, and lavatories will be thoroughly sanitized by our ground staff. Our aircraft will be disinfected again by a specific two-stage disinfection procedure upon arrival to prepare them for their next departure.

We have adjusted our service on board with the aim of reducing movement and contact within the cabin to what is essential to maintain your comfort and safety. Meal and beverage service will be limited, suspended or adapted in accordance with the length of your trip. Our meals and products will be served in compliance with the strictest health and safety guidelines.

While in flight, the cabin air is being constantly filtered through hospital-standard HEPA filters. With this filtration system, the air is completely renewed approximately every 3 minutes. These filters can extract up to 99.99% of even the smallest particles, including viruses as small as 0.01 micrometer. Viruses of the coronavirus family have a size between 0.08 and 0.16 micrometer; therefore, they are effectively caught by the HEPA filters.

Hand sanitizers will be provided in the lavatories of all our aircraft.

Wearing a mask, which covers your mouth and nose fully during the flight is mandatory. You may use a single-use surgical mask or respirator. Single-use masks will need to be replaced with a fresh one every 4 hours.

Our crew is frequently trained in procedures for the identification, approach and treatment of suspect cases of infectious disease on board, including COVID-19, and have the necessary equipment and consumables on all flights. These procedures strictly follow international best practices, defined by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Please remain seated during the flight and avoid queuing for the lavatories.

Please follow the safety instructions in order to know specific rules during the flight and pay attention to the announcements made by the crew.


Disembarking the aircraft will be conducted in line with announcements and directions from the cabin crew. To maintain social distancing, passengers must remain seated while passengers in rows in front of them collect their belongings and disembark. Please stay 2 meters away from other passengers when collecting your luggage.

Depending on the destination you will be asked to present a negative Covid-19 PCR test or proof of an Antigen at your port of entry. Please have it ready along with your documents at passport control.