Name Changes:

Cabo Verde Airlines fare rules do not permit name changes.

Correction of Passengers name:

  1. Tickets with Plate 696 and only on flights operated by VR (no code shares or interline flights).
  2. Name correction is allowed up to 03 letters, without additional costs.
  3. It is allowed to ADD and/or correct the LAST NAME, upon the payment of 100Eur or 100Usd (depending on the country currency), except and with no penalty for BR point of sales when adding married name, according to the laws of the country; this should be supported by the passenger documentation.
  4. CVA will allow name corrections on unused tickets only. If the ticket is partially used or includes any other carrier, we cannot modify the ticket.
  5. CVA will allow name corrections only on same flights and dates as originally booked. If there is a change of date or booking class when reissuing for name correction, in addition to the name correction fee, the respective fare difference shall be collected as well as the penalty fee for changing the date. Failure to collect these amounts will result in an ADM being issued.
  6.  The agent should make a new PNR and send it to the Customer Service for KL.
  7. Customer Service will confirm the PNR on the same RBD.
  8. The agent will reissue the tickets. It is mandatory to insert in the Endorsement Box of the new ticket the following text: REISSUE DUE CORR NAME (plus waiver code) .