CVA allows name correction only when it comes to the same passenger according to the following assumptions:

Tickets 696 and only on flights operated by VR (does not include flights operated in codeshare and/or interline).

Same flights and dates as the original booking.

a) Directly in the GDS is authorized to correct:
  • up to three letters in the surname, (e.g. Saontos/Jose to Santos/Jose Mr) once, that is, in the same transaction.
  • first name. Ex: Santos/Atonia Mrs can fix for Santos/MariaAntonia Mrs (is not allowed to switch to a different one).
  • diminutive or nickname – ex Silva/Guida Mrs para Silva/Margarida Mrs .
  • title (MR by MRS, MSTR by MISS or vice versa).
b) Request for correction via email to customer service:
  • Incomplete last name – ex: Pires/JoanaMrsfor MonteiroPires/JoanaMrs.
  • Cases whereby change of marital status the last name changes (requires presentation of supporting documents and copy of the new ticket).
  • Reversal of order in the name ex: Jose/Santos Mr Santos/Jose Mr .

For all situations described above, reissue is authorized with a penalty of €100 or $100 (DU fee), except:

  • Baby name correction.
  • Correction up to 03 letters in the first or last name (once).
  • Correction of a letter in the title (e.g. Mr to Mrs).

It is mandatory to insert in Endorsements of the new ticket as the following text: reissue due corr name .

If the above procedures are followed correctly, you do not need to send the reissue copy to customer service, except in the case of a change of name by change of marital status.