A ticket is valid for 1 year counting from the date of issuance, whether to fly, reissue or refund.

  • Before that period, the agent may refund the ticket according to the specific applicable fare rules.
  • After that period, all refund requests must be submitted directly to CVA Refund Department.

Refunds may be processed via GDS (Direct Refund) or requested via BSP Link (Indirect Refund); the last ones being actioned later by CVA. Agents must pay close attention to ticket expiration and fare rules.

All refunds that are subject to previous CVA approval and are submitted for Direct Refunds without it will be subject to ADM.

Direct Refunds in ARC:

  • Will be posted on the agent’s ARC report at the end of the reporting period.
  • It is not allowed to change the original form of payment. Shall the refund form of payment be different from the original form of payment, an ADM will be issued as follows:
    • a fixed amount of USD200.00 whenever the refund amount requested is equal or higher than USD200.00
    • the total amount of the fare must be charged whenever the amount requested is less than USD200.00
  • If the refund value is incorrect and requires correction, the value difference will be charged with a minimum of USD25.00. In case a flight coupon submitted for refund is in the meanwhile or was previously refunded, apart from ADM an extra fee of USD100.00 will be charged.
  • The ADM for an incorrect refund will always have a service fee of USD25.00
  • Direct refunds in BSP are not allowed.

Indirect Refunds:

  • All refunds in BSP Markets must be processed via BSP Link following the published fare rules in case of voluntary refund.
  • It is not allowed indirect refunds on ARC.