Cabo Verde Airlines Passenger contacts on bookings – IATA Reso 830d

Passenger Contacts on Bookings are Mandatory!

In the event of any irregularity CVA (Cabo Verde Airlines) is obliged to inform all passengers in a timely manner. Therefore, we request all travel agents to add passengers’ contacts on bookings, either telephone number and/or email address.

According to the IATA Resolution 830d, from 1 June, 2019 it is recommended that travel agents actively ask for and insert this data on the PNRs.

Besides the legal reasons CVA aims to provide the best possible service and care. If the passengers do not wish to disclose their contacts, a SSR CTCR with the text REFUSED should be added to the PNR.

Automatic notifications

CVA provides automatic notification service, via e-mail or mobile phone, aiming to improve the communication with their customers. In order to enjoy this facility, the passenger only needs to provide his/her mobile phone number and e-mail address at the time of reservation, thus being able to have, at any time, useful information about the state of his flight, as well as, access to all the necessary information about specific situations regarding check-in opening, flight time changes and alteration of the boarding gate, for a more pleasant travel experience

In the event of several passengers included in one reservation, these notifications will only be sent to one of the contacts in the reservation. It is very important that Travel Agencies cooperate by adding passengers contacts on bookings.

GDS entries


SR CTCM-00351123456789


SI.P1/SSRCTCMTPHK1/351914567896/PT  (PT = Portuguese)