Cabo Verde Airlines is a scheduled airline whose new hub operates at the international airport on the island of Sal. Since November 2009 it has been an active member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The company currently has a management agreement with the company Loftleidir Icelandic.

Cabo Verde Airlines is the air flag carrier of the Republic of Cabo Verde, owned in 49% by the State of Cabo Verde and 51% by Loftleidir Cabo Verde.

It was established in 1958, as a public enterprise when it absorbed the then called Aero Club of Cabo Verde. Up to 1984, the company operations were restricted to the domestic market for eight (8) of the nine (9) inhabited islands of the archipelago. In the eighties, new horizons were open to the company.

The large emigration of Cape Verdeans to Europe that had begun in the sixties followed by the advent of the independence of Cabo Verde in 1975 brought on favorable market conditions for the start-up of the TACV international operations with the opening of the line Sal – Lisbon – Sal in 1985. From this date on, TACV gradually conquered new markets.

It currently has a wide and consolidated network that involves Domestic and Intercontinental operations. The two main important factors that have influenced the success of these fifty years of the life of the company are: the existence of an important Diaspora spread over the five continents, whose number is larger than the resident population of the country and the “discovery” of Cabo Verde in the 90’s as a tourist destination, by the Europeans. As an international operator, Cabo Verde Airlines has been implementing regularly the ever more demanding requirements in the area of aeronautical security, imposed not only by the European Union but also by the United States of America.

In February of 2009, the company acquired its registry in the IOSA program of IATA. In May 2018, TACV changed its name to Cabo Verde Airlines. It is today the sixth African airline company certified as IOSA Operator, in IATA Operational Safety Audit Program.

Cabo Verde Airlines’ hub: Sal, Cabo Verde